Database First is nothing but only a approach to create web application where database is available first and can interact with database. In this database, database is created first and after that we manage the code. The Entity Framework is able to generate a business model based on the tables and columns in a relational database.

Basically, there is some scenario where we need to create database first like all table, primary key and foreign key relationship and then on the basis of database we generate our code.

This type of error comes in the project when SQL connection and transaction are not handled properly in the project. You are doing some transaction in the code and let say by any reason the you suffer lost connection. Then it will throw this type of exception. 


NuGet Package Manager is a tool which provides us a functionality to add the required packages into our application. 

For the old Visual Studio version, you cannot find the NuGet integrated with Visual Studio, so you can download and install it. You can download NuGet Package manager for Visual Studio 2013 or lower version of visual studio from this link for downloading the package.

This article will help you to understand about configuration files like web.config, app.config and machine.config. 

This article will explain what is delegate, why we use it and how many types of delegates with example.

Here we will discuss about difference between Singleton vs Static Class.

In this article, I will demonstrate you why we need to choose Web API and why we need to go with Windows Azure Mobile Service.


This article will help you to understand Team Foundation Server or TFS and how to perform check-in, check-out, commit etc. operation with live project.

If you have created a website and want to launch it and also want it to crawl by Google, this article is for you.

Only writing the code for making a website does not close your task. We create website for a particular purpose, some of us create it for blogging, some of us create social networking site, some of us create e-commerce website. So, these websites have some purpose. 

In this article, I will explain you the actual usage of VAR and DYNAMIC type of data. I will provide you the sample examples for both to understand it more clearly. Var was introduced with .NET 3.5 [Visual Studio 2008] and Dynamic was introduced with .NET 4.0 [Visual Studio 2010].


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