This article will demonstrate you about how to create thumbnail image from live Microsoft Office Documents and PDF documents.

ASP.NET MVC also provides state management techniques that can help us to maintain the data when redirecting from one page to other page or in the same page after reloading. There are several ways to do this in ASP.NET MVC  and these are as follow.

  1. Hidden Field
  2. Cookies
  3. Query String
  4. ViewData
  5. ViewBag
  6. TempData

Here I am going to take a very simple example for cascading dropdown in and it is selection of country, state and city.


In this article, we will learn why we should choose Web API for the service instead of ASP.NET MVC API.

ViewModel is used to encapsulate the multiple entities into single entity. It is basically a combination of data models into single object and rendering by the view. 

This article will give you understanding about Custom Action Filters in Asp.Net MVC.

For accessing the database, for getting the data or inserting the data we basically use SQLDataAdapter.Fill(), ExecuteNonQuery() and ExecuteScalar(), I have seen when I was a fresher, many developers were confused between them and don’t know which one is suitable for which condition.


In this article, I will demonstrate you about how to create instance of WCF service with different way. 


This article offers you to understand how to convert any file to PDF format using Spire.Office and Spire.PDF. 

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