In Linq, a very interesting topic is Difference between Single() orSingleOrDefault(), or we can say when to use Single() and when SingleOrDefault(),  So, Today I am going to explain these two extension method in Linq.

In Linq, a very interesting topic is Difference between First() and FirstOrDefault(), or we can say when to use First() and when FirstOrDefault() extention methods, you can check difference between Single() and SingleOrDefaul() here.  So, Today I am going to explain these two extension method in Linq.    

Hi.. How to Insert, Update, Delete and Select in Asp.Net GridView using Stored Procedure. Its a very interesting topic in Asp.Net. I am going to explain CRUD operation in Asp.Net GridView using stored procedure which contain all the query inside it. And I have used Web form application to create this application.

n below Stored procedure I have mentioned all the query in one stored procedure like Select, Add, Update and Delete. All the Operation is based on Event or status which will send from Asp.Net page. 

Today, I am going to explain, what is the difference between an Abstract class and An Interface and when should we use it? It is very typical interview question. There are lots of differences and similarities in an abstract class and an interface. So, I am trying to explain both with example.

Abstract classes contain complete (Concrete) and abstract (Incomplete) both type of members. An abstract class is closely related to interface. We cannot create object of an abstract class but can inherit from child class. Abstract keyword is used to create an abstract class.

Today, I am going to explain, what is stored procedure in SQL and advantage of stored procedure in SQL and something more about stored procedure how to create stored. So, I am trying to explain stored procedure with example.

Stored Procedure is a group of precompiled Transact SQL statement into a single execution plan. It reduces the network traffic and increase the performance because of the commands in stored procedure is executed as single batch of code.

Asp.Net MVC is nothing but a framework introduce by Microsoft. It is lightweight and open source. It is used to building highly testable, scalable and well designed clean application. Microsoft introduce first MVC version MVC 1.0 in 2009. Here I am explaining all the versions and its feature.

WCF and Web Service both are used to create service for application. Compare to web service, WCF provide much more flexibility and portability to develop service oriented application.There are following difference between both of them.

ViewState is the method that is used in ASP.NET to preserve page and control value or we can say it is technique to persist the data of page or control value between round trips. It is one of the Client side state management technique. That is used in Asp.Net.

 As we know when a html page is rendered on browser after round trips then it lost their control value. But we can persist the page and control value during round trips using View State in

In Asp.Net page, ViewState is automatically used to persist the information which can be preserved between post backs. So, ViewState is used to maintain the state of controls during page postbacks.

Microsoft has launched Visual Studio 2015 preview version with .Net 4.6. If you haven’t downloaded it, download Visual Studio 2015 and .Net 4.6. Visual Studio 2015 has come with C# 6.0 with lots of new features which improve your coding style and standard. So, today I am going to explain one of the feature of C# 6.0, how to set default values to auto property.

As you know Microsoft has launched Visual Studio 2015 with .Net 4.6.  C# 6.0 has introduced with .Net 4.6 and there are lots of new features to add csharp 6.0 like Auto property and many more. Expression bodied member are one of them. You can make code more clean and readable to use this.  So, this post is basically for the new feature of C# 6.0 Expression bodied members.

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