In Visual Studio when we try to create WCF services then we will meet with different type of template available in WCF like WCF Service Library, WCF Service Application etc. When we create a project for wcf service than we have to choose right type of template to create WCF service. But sometimes beginner is being so confused to choose right type of template for WCF sevice.

So, today I am going to explain the difference between WCF Service Library and WCF Service Application. I will explain you when and why to use each service templates.


WCF Service Library

we can choose WCF Service Library if we want to host our service at any place like IIS, WinForms applications,  Windows services, Web applications (ASP.NET) hosted on Internet Information Services (IIS), WCF services inside IIS 7.0 and WAS on Windows Vista  or even if a Console application. We will have to give only reference of our library from our host in the client application and we can consume it. A project created in WCF Service Library host independent.

So if We want to host your wcf service with IIS but want to keep your options open for future to host our service with any other host , we could create your service implementation in a wcf service library.

WCF Service Application

It is itself a web service application relying on WCF technology basically it is similar to Asp.Net web service. If we only want to host your service on IIS than you can choose this template to create service. It provides us protocols limitation. 


So, Today we learned the difference between WCF Service Library and WCF Service Application template available in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.

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