In this article, I will demonstrate you about how to create instance of WCF service with different way. 


WCF or Windows Communication Foundation is a platform which is used to create distributed application service. It is a cross platform application that means WCF service can be used by client which is created in .NET technology or java technology or any others.

WCF and Web Service both are used to create service for application. Compare to web service, WCF provide much more flexibility and portability to develop service oriented application.There are following difference between both of them.

InVisual Studio when we try to create WCF services then we will meet with different type of template available in WCF like WCF Service Library, WCF Service Application etc. When we create a project for wcf service, we have to choose right type of template to create WCF service. But sometimes beginner is being so confused to choose right type of template for WCF service.

In this article, I will explain you how to create a WCF service using “WCF Service Library” and also how to host it and consume it in our client application. When You try to create a new service from new project window in visual studio. You will find two main categories for wcf service. One is WCF service library and the second one is WCF service application. If you want to know difference between WCF Service Application and WCF Service Library, you can visit this link.

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