Python is a very powerful and popular programming language which is used for Machine Learning, AI, Data Science. But if you are thinking to use this python to create a web application, which can use the all the feature of Python then Yes, we can create a web application using Python with the help of Django. Basically, Django is an open source and Python-based web framework for creating the web application. Now, Django is available with Visual Studio as well. If you are using Visual Studio 2015/2017 or higher version then you can find different kinds of python application templates are available in Visual Studio. Django Web Project template is one of them. This article will demonstrate to you how to create the first Django Python application in Visual Studio. 

This practical demonstration will help you to understand how to implement CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE) operations functionality in Python with SQL database. 

This article will demonstrate you about how you can create your first Python application in Visual Studio 2017. After creating a first python project, we will see some of the small python examples so that you can get a better picture of how to start writing your program and how to run it.

This article will help you to understand how to setup python environment in existing Visual Studio 2017.

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