Today, I am going to demonstrate what is routing in Asp.Net MVC and how do we use it in our Asp.Net MVC application. Routing is used to map the incoming request to particular MVC controller action. So, Routing is a pattern matching system that map incoming request with specific action. Route table is used to decide at run time to match the incoming request by Route Engine.

When you create a new project in Asp.Net MVC then it creates a default route for the application. You can add multiple route patterns inside the route table as per your requirement.

Basically, you can add routes in a method that is called from the “Application_Start” event in the Global.asax file. 

Following are code snippet from Global.asax with default route.

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)

            name: "Default", //Route Name
            url: "{controller}/{action}/{id}", //Pattern
            defaults: new 
                controller = "Home", 
                action = "Index", 
                id = UrlParameter.Optional

It is register in Global.asax file on Application_Start.

protected void Application_Start()


Example of Routing 


Example 1:

Here I am not providing any controller or action name. So, it will go with default Url where controller=”Home” and action=”Index”.


Note: when we don’t define any controller and action than it goes with default route.


Example 2:

Here I am giving the controller name only in url after my domain name. So, it will search for default action Index” inside the blog controller.


Example 3:

Here I have defined controller name as well as action. So, It will search action=”mypost” inside the controller=”blog”.


Example 4:

Here it will go with that route which takes a parameter with controller="blog" and action ="mypost"


Example 5:

Here using only simple routing you cannot achieve this. It can be achieve by using custom routing.

Refer my last post about Custom Routing.


So, Today we learned what is routing in Asp.Net MVC and also see different example to handle route.

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