MVC or Model View Controller is a software design pattern to develop web application.  MVC is not a new concept created by Microsoft to develop Web application in Asp.Net MVC. Even MVC is also used to develop iOS framework.

So, we can say it is a general concept of Software Development. MVC is stand for Model View Controller. In short..

M (Model): It is Data objects like Business logic, validation and DB access.

V (View): It is User Interface (UI).

C (Controller): It handles the user request and work with View and Model.


Model is basically represented to Data objects like it can be business logic, validation or data access logic. It basically maintains the data access from database of application.  


View is nothing but a User Interface. Basically User interacts with a View. View is used to display data, add data or modify data. View is rendered on browser.


In MVC, Controller handles all user request incoming from browser. Controller validates the user request and passes to Model or View based on requirement.

Request Handling in MVC

Request Handling in MVC

In above picture, we can see that when a user type a url in browser and sent request for that particular url. than browser send it to controller. After that it is controller responsibility how to handle that request. Controller first validate url and after that as per request it use Model or View and render page on our browser.


Today We learned what is MVC and about its architecture. We also learned about how to process a request in MVC


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