AngularJs is a client side javascript framework which is based on MVC framework to create Single Page Application [SPA]. It is open source and created by Google. It is fully structured framework. There is no need to know the scripting language like Javascript if you are going to work with AngularJS. Basically it is used to create Client Side Single Page Application. As some developers say that it is a library but it’s framework for creating the dynamic web pages.


Now days, it is most popular then other web development technologies. It is the best to create wide range of web application, it can be small apps, large or any size of the web apps.

You can visit the AngularJS website from the following link.



Here you can download the latest version of the AngularJS or you can use the direct CDN link to access the AngularJS library.


From the Desing Docs and Notes option you can get the some official tutorial notes to learn more.


Why to use?

Angular Js is used to create dynamic html page which are easily testable and well structured. As it is as like MVC framework, so the application which is created in AngularJS, is easy to test. It is very easy to extend it and you can customize it as per your requirement.

When you work with Html and Javascript then you directly manipulate the DOM. But there is no need to manipulate the DOM when you are working with AngularJS. It will be manipulating by AngularJS. 

AngularJS is also supportable with different platform. So, you can easily create the AngularJS application on different platform like Linux, Mac etc. It also supports two way data binding. It means, if you are going to change the data on View, it will automatically reflect to Model and vice versa.

There are different technologies available in the market to create the web application like Asp.Net, MVC, PHP etc but now you can develop a wide range web application without these technologies and it is only possible by AngularJS.

You can use different tools to create the AngularJS application. Notepad can be used to create the AngularJS application. There are various tools available to do development for AngularJS application and these are followings.

Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015

Sublime Text





So, this article demonstrate you about the basic introduction of the AngularJS. It clears the doubts about what is the AngularJS and Why we need to use it.

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