Security is the main concern when you are creating a client application. In AngularJS, you have to take care when sending your credentials from the client side. You don’t want to send credentials with every request. When you use the Token Based Authentication, you do not need to send secure data every time to the server. You have to send your credentials once and the server will return a secure token. This token could be saved at client side and the next request will use this token to process a request. You can define expiry of the token as well.

This article will demonstrate how to create charts using Highcharts Library in Angular JS with Web API.

This article will demonstrate how to show loading message or any spinner image when your chart is being loaded or the drill-down chart is being loaded, using Highcharts Library in AngularJS with Web API.

This article will demonstrate how to create "Add drilldown" (basically it is called nested charts) functionality using Highcharts Library in Angular JS with Web API.

AngularJs is a client side javascript framework which is based on MVC framework to create Single Page Application [SPA]. It is open source and created by Google. It is fully structured framework. There is no need to know the scripting language like Javascript if you are going to work with AngularJS. Basically it is used to create Client Side Single Page Application. As some developers say that it is a library but it’s framework for creating the dynamic web pages.

In this article, I will demonstrate about Angular JS CRUD operations example with Web API. Web API will be used as a service to get the data from database and share the data to angular js app. For this demonstration, I have used Code First Approach.

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework to create SPA (Single Page Application). It is a client side MV* (MVC+MVVM=MV*) framework. Angular JS extends HTML by providing Directives that add functionality to your markup and that allow you to create powerful dynamic templates for application.Below are some Angular JS directives which I have used in sample application.

ng-app : It is entry point of AngularJs to the page. It shows that the application is angular js app.

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